BalenaSound I do not see services

Hi all,
I’m following this guide here
My device is booted and I see it online but I do not see the “Services” part of the page.
And the device it is not discoverable via bluetooth.

It is like it has not downloaded the balenaSound services.
Here is a screenshot:

Any idea on how to fix it?

Thanks a lot!

Hello, I see that the device just came online. It may be that the app is still building. Could you go to the application page in the dashboard for that device (probably named balena-sound) and see what it says near the top of the page (near release policy)?

It just came online because I rebooted it but it stayed online all night long.

Here is a screenshot of what you asked, I think

Thanks for your help

I’m reading the forums and maybe I could have created this application manually, after creating one with Create and Deploy button on the guide. I’ll try to do it again.

Sorry for having bothered you.

Oh it’s no problem! Could you click the ‘releases’ button on the left? This will then show the release history. If you click on the release number, you will then see the details of the services that release contains. This will verify that this app is set up correctly.

It had an empty list. Now I’ve recreated an application using the Deploy with Balena button and it seems working. At least it is downloading something (seeing from the logs).
Will let you know if this works.


And yes, now I see the services section!