BalenaSound continually booting after updating BalenaOS 2.94.4

I’m not so tech savvy and don’t remember what I did with the setup exactly, but I use a RPI 4 with a pisound. When trying to reboot remotely I get the error

Operation failed with: x: Request error: tunneling socket could not be established, statusCode=500

manual reboots do nothing. I have supervisor version 12.11.36 but with updating nothing happens besides marking it seems. In the diagnostics tab I get a similar error as above for the supervisor state. In the checks, the networking_check fails for ipv6, which means it might be related to Supervisor failing when ipv6 address is unreachable but I couldn’t understand the solution.

Oddly enough, in the checks Airplay and Spotify are deemed to be running ok, while the other tests (Bluetooth, logging, audio, supervisor) time out. Functionally no sound can be streamed in any way. Is there anything I can do save for starting from scratch?


When did you notice this behavior? Was it after updating to BalenaOS 2.94.4?