balenaOS 3.0 upgrade failure

Hi Balena team,

We’ve just noticed that 3.0 has been released, however when trying to do an update to this version on an Intel NUC, the upgrade log at /mnt/data/balenahup shows the following: HEADER START====================
Thu Jul 6 02:43:19 UTC 2023
[000000000][LOG]Raw target version: 3.0.0
[000000001][LOG]Loading info from config.json
[000000001][LOG]Target version supports hostapps, no device type support check required.
[000000001][ERROR]Target OS version “3.0.0” not supported.

Is this OS supposed to be supported yet and if so, is there a reason we can’t upgrade to it?

Hello @chriswiggins thanks for trying to update the balenaOS to version 3.0.0.

Actually the balenaOS team mentioned that there is a PR ready to be published to fix this. You can follow the conversation here Adapt to support major balenaOS version upgrades by alexgg · Pull Request #379 · balena-os/balenahup · GitHub

Let us know if it works soon!

Hi, just following up, have you been able to successfully upgrade to a 3.X.X OS version since the PR my colleague linked merged?