BalenaLocating Dashboard

Hi all,
I am using the sample following as But when I used the BalenaLocating Dashboard option so I could not find my iBeacon as

Where’s my stuff?

Here’s a list of the iBeacons I’ve found:
Not data to show, yet…
Please help me to do next which I can add my iBeacon for this case.

Hey Tony, just to be sure you did add some beacon or fake beacons(by using an android/iOS app)? and are they near the PI’s reception area?

Hi there,

It’s great to see that you’re trying the project!

Can you tell me more about the iBeacon you are using? Can you find it with a BLE Scanner app on your phone? Could you tell me the UUID (unique identifier) of the beacon?

If you can find it with a phone, and it’s definitely using the iBeacon standard, could you please make sure it’s close to the Raspberry Pi running balenaLocating. There is an environment variable you can set called RSSI_THRESHOLD which determines how strong/weak a signal from a beacon that will be added to the database, it’s documented here:
Similarly you can set the DEBUG variable to true and the project will log more, and tell you if your beacon is being ignored for some reason.

Let me know how you get on!