balenalib rapsberry pi 5 debian docker base image

Hi, I am newbie to docker. I found that Balenalib base image is very useful when going to deploy container in raspberry pi platform. I did it using raspberry pi 4. Now I am going to move to raspberry pi 5. I tried with some of balenalib bookwork image, found out that when I tried to install libcamera package using apt, it only install very old version and this old version won’t work with rapsberry pi 5. I could install the latest libcamera version using bookworm official rapsberry pi os. I do not want to build from source in the container. Just to ask is there any concern from Balenalib to update those package repository?

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Hello @WKT first of all welcome to the balena community and apologizes for the long delay.

Did you find a solution for the issue? Are you following this thread? Raspberry Pi Cam Module 3 - #37 by alanb128