Raspberry Pi Cam Module 3

Hello, I was able to detect Camera Module 3 on a Pi 4 running balenaOS 5.2.8, using this example: GitHub - balena-io-experimental/libcamera-apps: Example repo to showcase Raspberry Pi's new libcamera stack on balenaOS
Just be sure to increase the GPU memory to at least 64MB - in the “Define device GPU memory in megabytes.” setting in device configuration. I made no other config changes or additions.

root@4da17ab33680:/usr/src/app# libcamera-hello --list-cameras -n -v
Available cameras
0 : imx708 [4608x2592] (/base/soc/i2c0mux/i2c@1/imx708@1a)
    Modes: 'SRGGB10_CSI2P' : 1536x864 [120.13 fps - (768, 432)/3072x1728 crop]
                             2304x1296 [56.03 fps - (0, 0)/4608x2592 crop]
                             4608x2592 [14.35 fps - (0, 0)/4608x2592 crop]

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