BalenaFin, two cameras and GSM module via PCIe


I want to use BalenaFin with raspberry pi in my project instead of curring two raspberries. I have a few questions before I buy it. I need to connect two Raspberry pi camera modules V2 and GSM module connected via mPCIe. My questions are:

  1. Can I use normal Raspbian (instead of BalenaOS)?
  2. Can I program it in Python?
  3. Can I use Raspberry library to work with two cameras (picamera)?
  4. Can I operate GSM module via AT commands (connected via mPCIe)? I need to send and read SMS. If yes, do you recommend me some module (SimCom?)?


Hi @Radek,

The Fin layout is designed to allow the use of any device that can be connected to a Raspberry Pi, as the pinout is essentially the same. The Fin also includes support for the Raspberry Pi Camera modules (see connectors 10 and 12 in the datasheet here: ).

  1. Yes, you can use Rasbpian, but if you do, the support for various connectors will probably not be present so that is worth considering.
  2. You can use any language you like.
  3. The Fin has support for two cameras at the same time with the appropriate connectors.
  4. This is definitely possible. I don’t know of a suggested list, but I’m going to ping my colleague into this thread, who will be able to help you.

Best regards,


Hello @Radek,

Just adding a few bits to what Heds correctly pointed out.

1- You can use Raspbian if you prefer, here’s the link for downloading our pre-configured image. The two camera setup also works, see here for instructions on how to set it up.
4- We’ve had very good results with Quectel mPCIe modems, specially the EC21 and EC25. There are many variants depending on the location you’re planning to use them, so make sure you choose the appropriate one.