BalenaEtcher turned 128GB into 4MB?

I used balena etcher to flash the latest raspberian to my brand new 128gb samsung extreme sdhc card, and now whatever I do with the card it only shows up as 4MB in windows. thanks.

Hi @ratrace2space yes indeed you wouldn’t be able to see the linux partitions on windows. Also when you use it on a pi, raspbian would automatically expand the filesystem on the first boot, in order to use the whole SD card.

how do i reverse it? i don’t have linux operations at all. i was trying to install Bliss OS 12. now i want to install win 8.1 to my laptop but find out that i can’t get the spaces back from windows re-format.


You can delete the partitions on an SD card using the windows application called DiskPart. It should be already installed on your Windows OS.
Be careful when selecting the right disk though!
Here’s a how-to:

There is also the formatter from which you can download from -