BalenaEtcher and Acronis Active Protection

Issue: Pi won’t boot from Raspbian image flashed with Balena

Suspect that Acronis True Image Active Protection logic is not playing nicely with Balena

Images boot fine if flashed using win32DiskImager with Active Protection turned off

Pi still doesn’t boot if flashed with Balena and Active Protection is turned off

Balena displays a very confusing completion
Green Check Box indicating Flash/Validation complete … BUT underneath that
Red Dot with “1 failed device” (GRAYED OUT) … so is this supposed to indicate the FLASH FAILED? … if so why is “failed device” GRAYED OUT


If you hover over the “1 failed device” message, you should see additional information about the error.
Can you also copy-paste the logs from the console (opened with ctrl + shift + i on Windows), this should give us more information what might go wrong?

Thank you.

Hi @bxdobs,

Were you able to get this issue sorted? Either way, feel free to send us the error logs so we might troubleshoot.





I resolved my own issue by using another program to do the SD copy … my
purpose was to inform Balena so hopefully other people don’t have this
issue going forward

Hi bxdobs,

Thanks for letting us know.

Best regards,