BalenaEngine version? Installscript v17.12.0 github v19.03.14?


I am a bit confused as to the different versions available.
The installscript from is refering to version v17.12.0, but the latest release on github is v19.03.14.

What version should be used?
Can the more recent versions be installed on raspbian for rpi4?


Hi, I got confirmation from a team member that this page is not showing the most recent version. You should go with the latest released from the Github page.

Hi Zahari

The install script refers to tar.gz packaged compiled executeables for balena-engine, but only a few of the releases on github has these compiled packages attached to the release.
The v18.9.13 release has some attached also, but no arm7, only arm7hf

Do you have any instructions on how to build the project for arm7?

Thanks in advance

hi, what board are you on?

Hi @robertgzr
Sorry about the late reply.

I am using both rpi3 and 4

Happy holidays

Hi Clementine,

Happy holidays to you too. As far as I understand for RPI3 and RPI4, you should be able to use arm7hf or aarch64 depending on the underlying architecture (those are the binaries we use in balenaOS).

What OS are you using on your devices? What is the output of uname -a?