balenaDash + private content

I’ve got the balenaDash project up and running, but I’m not sure how to display private content. I’m using it for internal company announcements, so don’t really want to publish it publicly. I’m running into two issues:

  1. I’m having trouble connecting a keyboard to type login credentials.

  2. I’m not sure where to publish the content. As far as I can tell, Google slides won’t open to “present mode” unless you publish publicly. I could go manually set each display to presen mode, but that kinda defeats the purpose.

Any tips or ideas would be much appreciated!

@lmm78 welcome to the forums!

There are a couple of approaches you could take depending on your application/content provider:

  • Whitelist the MAC or static IP address of your balenaDash device on your content such that it doesn’t need authentication
  • Allow access given a query string parameter (some dashboard providers do this)
  • If you’re just displaying slides (or images of slides) you could take a look at the Screenly project which can be deployed to your balena device in exactly the same way.

I hope this helps

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Probably just a static image or a slideshow of images.

Thanks! I’ll explore these suggestions.

We’re going to use Google slides to display content but I’m still not sure how to authenticate effectively. Screenly looks helpful, but I’d rather avoid the subscription fee for now. Any additional ideas? or similar projects I can take a look at?

I’m not very familiar with the balenaDash project (I pinged the maintainers already as well). I could not find any options for authentication mechanisms out of the box, the first thing that comes to my mind could be a local proxy service, that performs the authentication against the server and the wpe container, would just talk to the proxy service in that case. But maybe the maintainers have better ideas or know about other options.

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@lmm78 there is no subscription fee for Screenly OSE (which is used in the project I linked to).

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Totally missed the distinction between OSE and Screenly’s commercial product :man_facepalming:. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!