balenaDash fail to loop Google slide presentation

Just started BalenaDash for the first time (great instructions!) and successfully have a Raspberry Pi displaying a Google Slide presentation. However, the presentation failed to loop; once reach the last slide stays there. I have selected Restart the slideshow after the last slide but doesn’t seem to work.
Any idea on what may be wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, what WPE_URL are you using?

Hey @CYC, thanks for reaching out!

I am going to setup it again on my end to confirm that google didn’t change anything on that.
If you open the slides on your browser, does it loop?

Thanks for help. Here are the answers to both questions:

1- WPE_URL: i copy the one generated by Google:

2- Yes, I can open the slide in any machine and it loops as expected.

Thanks you again!

Hi there, I would try this with v0.2.0 of balenaDash as there have been some changes to the WPE component since then which could affect this. If you go back to this version and it still doesn’t work it could be that something has changed with the app at Google’s end which prevents it from looping with the cut down browser that balenaDash uses.

Thanks, Chris! I will try and provide feedback.

I just push rev 0.2 as suggested, and did the trick. Now the presentation loops as expected.
Thanks for your help.


Good to know that it works, Please let us know if you need further support!