BalenaCloud raspberry PI 3 B+ Offline

I have done everything just like Make a web frame with Raspberry Pi in 30 minutes guide says. All the ports are open but still I can see in BalenaCloud that device is offline and connecting. It can see my IP address and even it can reboot my raspberry if I change gpu. I get green Balena logo to my raspberry. I don’t understand where’s the problem


Judging from your explanation, it seems like a network setup issue. Could you please check if the port 443 is open as well? Also how long does it take before your raspberry pi reboots after you change gpu? Immediately or after couple of minutes of delay?

balenaCloud VPN uses port 443 for connection. VPN connection controls the online / offline status while API connection applies the changes you make on balena dashboard.

You could read more info here at our docs:

Thanks, I will ask again from network provider has they opened all ports what are requirements. I got answer earlier that everything is ok but I will double check it.

After gpu change it takes 1-2 minutes that raspberry reboots

Cloud shows static IP adresses of wlan and ethernet

I will come back to this issue later