Balena WPE volume for cookies/Persisting user data

I need to be able to persist cookie storage. What I’ve done previously with chromium is to set a
–user-dir flag in the and then claim that same directory as a volume. For instance:

chromium-browser --user-data-dir=/usr/src/app/userData"

Then in my compose I use:

    restart: always
    build: ./browser
    privileged: true
      - 'userData:/usr/src/app/userData'

How can I use this same process with WPE? I’m not able to find much documentation.

Hi… Your docker-compose.yml looks correct (except “services” is misspelled). Persistent volume management can be done as you’ve defined or you can use a VOLUME argument in am associated Docker.template file. Have you tried running this example?

Yeah i took out a bunch of other stuff to just show the pertinent details. Good catch. I’ll fix that misspelling. This is what I used for chromium. This does work for chromium. I want to recreate this but for WPE. Basically the balenadash project but allow persistent storage.

hey @KingstonSteele

Balena WPE uses cog as the launcher. Cog added support to configure the persistent cookie location and also presetting cookies. Please check the links.

Cog itself is launched by tohora everytime url is changed too. I believe you would need to pass the command line options here

Let us know how it goes.