Programmatically accessing persistent storage in multicontainer

I am able to create the volumes, but I am unable to access them via my python program.

Following are the details for one example volume.
In my docker-compose.yml

          privileged: true
          restart: always
          build: ./local_wifi_config
               - 'wifi_config:/CONFIG

I see the created volume via the command prompt at, /var/lib/docker/volumes/1560835_wifi_config

How should I go about programmatically accessing this path? I attempted the following.

config_file_path = '/var/lib/docker/volumes/'"$BALENA_APP_ID"'_wifi_config/'

I have referenced the " Persistent Storage" section of and I am using a production Balena OS version 2.43.

Hi Matt,

with your compose file you set up a named volume wifi_config to be mounted at /CONFIG inside your local_wifi_config container.

The program inside the container should be able to access it under that path.