Balena Sound doesn't install

hey there,

i have a raspberry pi 3 model B and i am trying to install Balena-sound. However as the tutorial states it should install by itself. it does not. Deploying doesn’t help either and using the CLI does not benefit the case more.

Could someone please help me to install Balena-Sound onto my device as the tutorial doesn’t work for me?

Hi @angelo1235,

Can you point us to the steps you used? Did you use the Deploy with balena button, for example? Or did you follow the steps in the main documentation (


i followed the deploy button, but it ends in a endless loop of pushing the application to the pi, waited for around 30 minutes for it to end but it kept going. not doing anything.

Hello, I have a few questions to clarify your situation:

  • Where you are seeing the “endless loop”?
  • If you go to the dashboard and into your balenaSound application, do you see your device listed?
  • If you go to the Releases tab on your application, do you see a deployment there with a Succeeded status?


guide i followed is

the loop i see is when selecting the device to install balena-sound to on

The device is listed and online. the 15 second blink works as well.

i need to add a release, which i can’t do due to the endless installation loop of Balena-Sound

exact model:

believe it or not but with the CLI i was actually able to get it to install!

For noobs like me, maybe make the pop-up on the website say that “Path to my Project” should be the path to the downloaded release of said project on the PC.

Thanks for the help tho!

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Hey there! Can you send us a screenshot of the endless installation loop? How did you make it work with the CLI?

a screenshot isn’t possible as i installed Balena Sound already.

Basically i had 2 tabs open. one on the devices console and one on the installation of Balena Sound, The Github link etc. where all correctly added and the yellow circle just kept going not doing anything as i saw nothing in the console.

With the CLI i used the copy-paste function to install Balena-Sound manually.

It appeared to me that the automatic installation or the “deploy” function was either unable to contact Github or my device. or did nothing at all.

Hi Angelo, looking at the timestamp of your issue, I suspect the error you received was due to a Issue and Outage we had this morning. I am glad that you got it working though!