Balena `release` API call fails with Internal Server Error


We have disabled rolling releases on one app using Now, trying to update a machine to a new release, we get an error. I have traced it down to:

$ curl '$select=id,commit&$filter=belongs_to__application%20eq%20<APP_ID>%20and%20commit%20eq%20'\''<RELEASE_ID>'\''%20and%20status%20eq%20'\''success'\''' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>'

Internal Server Error

I have verified that <APP_ID>, <RELEASE_ID> and <AUTH_TOKEN> are correct.

Any ideas?

Could you first try doing

curl '' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>'

to confirm that the token is correct and then try the following two, to make sure that the rest IDs are also correct

curl '$select=id,commit&$filter=belongs_to__application%20eq%20<APP_ID>' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>'
curl '$select=id,commit&$filter=belongs_to__application%20eq%20397336%20and%20commit%20eq%20'\''<RELEASE_ID>'\''' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>'

Also, just to clarify that <> will not be part of the final curl. Your curl should look something like:

curl '$select=id,commit&$filter=belongs_to__application%20eq%20123456%20and%20commit%20eq%20'\''f000000000000000000000000000000f'\''%20and%20status%20eq%20'\''success'\''' -H 'Authorization: Bearer tokenpart.tokenpart.tokenpart'

Thanks @thgreasi. I found the problem, the application ID is supposed to be the internal application ID, not the name. (And yes, the < and > were not included in the curl command.