Balena plan active

When I go to “”, where can I find which plan I have active right now?

Where can I manage the team members of my current plan?


Your current billing plan is displayed on the top of the page you linked.
You can find more info about this page in our docs.

The plan is associated with your account and covers all the applications owned by your account.
You can manage team members on the application level giving them different level of access, as described in this page in our docs:

Let us know if you have more questions or if anything is not clear.

Hi Roman,

I’m sorry but I can't see the info in that page. I only see a empty box.

That’s strange.
Would you share a screenshot of what you see (for instance, in a private reply here in forums) and also the information about your browser (using

How can I send you a private reply?

Sorry, I meant a direct message. Click on my user name, and then on “Message” button.

Sorry, but when I click on your user name, I get this:

Could you check once more? I think our forums allow posting DMs after you have more activity - I’ve tried to bump your trust level.

Another way to send a message is to go to the Messages section in your forum profile and click on “New message there”.

Have you received my DM?

Hi Jose Carlos, we have received the information and we are looking into this internally. We will come back to you shortly.

Hi @josecarlos.sanchez ,
I’ve reached the respective internal team and it seems that it was a data issue related with your subscriptions on our platform.
We have now fixed the issue and your currently active subscription should show properly in the dashboard.

Thanks for reporting this.

Kind regards,