Permissions Bug on Balena Cloud IMPORTANT

Hi, I will first explain behaviour of this problem that happens on Balena Cloud.

1 - I have an application where the account user A is owner
2 - I decided to add a 2nd user B as developer
3 - User receives mail/link and when it clicks it is looged in as A
4 - Application >members instead of having user A (owner) and B (developper) presents on table members A (owner) and A (developper)
5 - I proceed to delete A (developper) so that i can go through the process of creating again a user developer
6 - Balena deletes both A (owner) and A (developer)

This is the 1st problem.

7 - Now for some reason A which is owner of the account can’t create new applications because everytime he tries to create a new application in the Dialog box the option “Application Type” doesn’t appear to be filled.

This is the 2nd problem. It’s worse because i cannot carry on with using the platform.
The 1st just leaves an orphan Application.

Can you help me support. If you need more informatio let me know, i can give you the account A i was talking about.

Hello, what is the name of the A account ?

[masked email]

Application in question is wisebox2020-test, it should have inside a user C that i didn’t mentioned for simplication reasons

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve asked the team about this.

For the first problem: we are currently working on a fix, in the meantime, please make sure to log out before clicking an invitation link.
Do you need us to add [masked email] back to wisebox2020-test ?

About the second problem:

  • Does it only happen with that specific user ?
  • Do you see anything when you click on the dropdown button ?

If you are able to add me to wisebox2020-test i will do the testing.
To see if the 2nd problem persists.

Apparently i would say it is a backend issue, related with the deletion and that is only related with that user.

I will give you feedback

When adding, add support as OWNER please

When do you think you will be able to add the owner to the wisebox2020-test again?

Hi there – thanks again for getting in touch with us. We believe we have resolved this problem with your account; can you please check that it looks good at your end?

In addition, we are adding a change to our API that should prevent this from happening again.

All the best,

No Problem!
Thank you for the quick response!
Quick question, did you solve the issue with the verification link?

Hi @suporte,
We have a PR in progress to prevent this kind of thing from happening again, it will take a couple of days until we have it tested and deployed.
Please let us know if you encounter any similar issues in the future.