Balena on linux is not starting

I have tryed installing balenaEtcher many times on many linux distros and it never seems to work. Right now I am using kubuntu, I installed it fine but when I launch it, it spits out this error.

Hi @aamira,

Welcome to the Balena Forum! Sorry to see the experience. Looking at the error message; I’d say its some of the required window modules missing with KDE. Can you try installing kde-gtk-config and see if helps improve the situation?

Also, it would be great if you share details on the system OS you are running this on and previously tried at.

Hi @aamira,

thanks for your report and sorry for the inconvinience.
Here you can find probably the same error as yours, with the solution or workaround

namely, starting the app with the --disable-gpu-sandbox switch.
It is a known problem with electron we are working on it to make it gone.