Balena local push unreliable

I seem to be having some issues pushing to the balena locally. I expect it to take a while given the hardware limitations, but sometimes running balena push takes an indeterminate amount of time. Often, the docker images will have reached all the stages of setting up, but will take a long time or hang when stopping the service and starting it again after a new version has been pushed. Sometimes stopping them and restarting resin_supervisor seems to solve this issue. Is there any way to make the local push a bit more reliable? This is using Balena Fin Compute module 3, balenaOS 2.29.2+rev7 (development)

Sometimes I get errors like this:
ECONNRESET: socket hang up

Additional information may be available in debug mode. Prefix the command
line with DEBUG=1, i.e.: DEBUG=1 balena …
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Hi there,

Have you updated to the latest version of the CLI? If not, I’d recommend doing so. Also, the experimental / stand-alone CLI is much easier to install, so I’d recommend pulling down that version.

You can download the latest CLI from here:

Also, I believe the balena local push command is being deprecated in favor of the balena push command. Once you update the CLI, I’d recommend using balena push for local development.

One other thought I just had is that the build process is dependent on your Dockerfile. It might be interesting to note if there’s a specific step within your Dockerfile that seems to be regularly hanging the process. It could be that a dependency on a remote server (ie. package repository), or even a network-level issue (ie. packet loss), could be causing the build to randomly hang in different spots.

Let me know how this works out!

Trevor Sullivan

Hi Trevor,
Thanks for your response. I have been using the standalone-cli already, though I wasn’t using the latest version so I have updated it now. I will also try using balena push instead of balena local push. Will give this a go and see how I get on.


use git push balena master --force to push the code even I’m facing the same.