Balena Etcher not to open

I can not open etcher after download on my OS Mac version 10.13 it says “ the file seems not to be a valid download file”(in Swedish)?? I am downloading LibreElec to the sd card. What’s wrong ?? Regards

Can you provide a bit more info? Just to make it easier to pinpoint what is wrong.

Did you get etcher from the official site balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives ?
If you are swedish or your computer set to swedish it is logical to have a swedish error message, it could be a corrupted download or downloaded a malicious version from a fake site.

The LibreElec you try to put on the sd card is from here? LibreELEC Generic - LibreELEC
What device you want to use with LibreElec?

im having the same issue, so as detailed as i can be; fresh new Manjaro up to date state by my terminal, wen to offial site and used terminal commands to instal both appimages and balanaetcher, i click balanaetcher… and the mouse goes hourglass spins for about 20 seconds and doesnt load or open anything.

Hi Erick, can you open the appImage file with a terminal? This is to see logs regarding the startup of the app. This should give us more information so that we can solve your particular problem.