balena-dash "Page load error"

I just noticed my balenaDash is not loading pictures. I restarted the device and get the following error. IMG_9260

How best to proceed and troubleshoot?

Hi Dominic,
Is this a balenaCloud device?
If it, I would suggest you to open the device’s page in the dashboard and try running the device health checks that we have in the Diagnostics page.
Moreover it would be interesting to check whether you can see any error related logs in the logs panel in the device summary page.
Let me also point you on our blog post with instructions on how to troubleshot belanaOS further by using an SSH connection to the hostOS:

Kind regards,

I found a solution (

Basically, When all containers are up and running, go to the dashboard and restart just the WPE contaner, and let me know if this fixes the issue.