Balena-dash kiosk scrolling direction


I am using the balena-dash project (kiosk part) to display a webpage on the official raspberry pi touchscreen. When I scroll with my finger, the scrolling direction is not “natural”. i.e. when I move my finger down, it scrolls the page down (unlike on your smartphone). Is there a way to invert the scrolling direction in chromium for touch devices?


Thank you for your message Valentin,

A relevant article for your issue could be this post. You would run the commands that are described here inside the service kiosk and ofcourse instead of a trackpad you are using the touch interface of the touschreen.

Looking forward to hearing the results!


Hey there @vbersier, in addition to what my colleague posted above, it could just be the the display is rotated and the touchscreen is not rotated. Did you rotate the output in the configuration? I know if you used display_rotate rather than lcd_rotate that can cause what you’re describing. See here for more details:

Either way, the scrolling direction should be ‘natural’, like a smartphone, by default, when using the touchscreen, if everything is configured correctly.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, I used BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_display_lcd_rotate to rotate the display. I probably need to remove the display then. I’ll test on monday!

Hey guys, that was it indeed. Using lcd_rotate works to keep the touchscreen aligned with the pixels. Cheers!

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