Balena cloud with Java App

Hello Folks,

Balena projects are very helpful and super exciting.
I want to ask something.
Balena cloud has an example of java application.
I didn’t see on the “getting started” page.
I have BBB and I want to make some java spring boot examples and kotling examples.

Hey @kageja, thank you for the kind words :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You are right that we don’t have many examples using Java. I guess it boils down to the lack of demand from the community. I saw examples of the community compiling Java applications fine. Like this one: Java layer with 32bit binaries?
Then the most popular one is the Minecraft Server: GitHub - AlexProgrammerDE/balena-minecraft-server: Build a Minecraft Server using a Raspberry Pi 4! Su

I’d suggest giving it a go yourself and sharing your journey with the whole community here. We are here to answer your specific questions and help out when you get stuck with anything.

I’ll also take an internal note on your interest of seeing more Java based examples.