update jdk to 16

Help please. I host a minecraft smp for my friends and I want to update it to 1.17. but it reqires jdk 16 and I cant update it because there is no jdk 16 for apt and I have no idea what to do

@AlexProgrammerDE – Is this something you have planned, by chance? Or does 1.17 introduce problems / issues, that you are aware of? Thanks!

Hi @werdna555 @dtischler !
I was going to reach out to the balena team about this, but didn’t quite find the time to do so yet. The current state is that paper (minecraft server software we deploy) has not yet updated for 1.17. Additionally to that it will require java 16 when it comes out. Balena only deploy java 8 and Java 11 base images which makes it kinda tricky. Best solution I guess would be adding java 16 base images to balena. @dtischler should I open an issue on the base image github repo or can you maybe pass it down to the responsible devs?

I’ll check on that for you @AlexProgrammerDE, no problem at all! We will probably want to capture it formally in a GitHub Issue as well, but I can at least begin the conversation. :slight_smile:

Hello @AlexProgrammerDE, I was curious as to whether Balena was updated to be able to deploy Java 16 base images to a Raspberry Pi 4 yet? I appreciate your hard work!

Hey @curry24, base images have not been updated yet. You can track this GitHub issue for progress: Java 16 · Issue #702 · balena-io-library/base-images · GitHub
We’ll also let you guys know in this thread once it’s done.


Thank you, looks like they’ve added Java 16 Base images last night. Now just have to figure out how to update my Java 11 Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server up to Java 16.

Could you find out how to update to Java 16 on a RPI Minecraft Server? Please share with us mortals.

I followed the steps here and them work correctly

balena-minecraft-server - issues