balena cli deploy

balena cli version 12.22 (I believe the latest) will not deploy my app. It works fine with 11.35.10. It gets to the point
[Info] Everything is up to date (use --build to force a rebuild)

then exits with code 0. Normally it will be followed with
[Info] Creating release…
[Info] Pushing images to registry…
[Info] Saving release…
[Success] Deploy succeeded!

I have prebuilt my images locally.

Hi. What is the full command you’re using?

@cpsamtec, thank you for reporting this issue. Indeed it was a bug introduced in CLI v12.14.18 (ironically during a refactoring that was supposed to improve codebase reliability). It has been fixed in CLI v12.22.2. Let us know if you are able to test it and/or if you are still facing any issues. I will look at improving test coverage for the deploy command, to prevent regressions. Thanks again. :+1:

Thank you! I can confirm that 12.22.2 works.

Command run was

balena deploy myproject --projectName myproject -B BASE_IMAGE_ARCH=arm64v8 -B XXX_BASE_IMAGE=arm64v8/ubuntu:groovy -B YYY_BASE_IMAGE=arm64v8/python:3.8-alpine