Fail to push a new version of application to the device


We deployed an application to the raspberry pi3 and the deployment is running smooth. Now we want to update the application by using the same command “balena deploy myApp --logs --source . --emulated”. We got

[Info] Compose file detected
[Info] Everything is up to date (use --build to force a rebuild)
[Info] Creating release…
[Info] Pushing images to registry…
[Info] Saving release…
[Success] Deploy succeeded!

but it is not pushing the updated application to the pi.


Hi there! As stated in the balena deploy documentation here :

Unless an image is specified, this command will look into the current directory (or the one specified by --source) for a docker-compose.yml file. If one is found, this command will deploy each service defined in the compose file, building it first if an image for it doesn’t exist.

So you can probably try using --build that will force a rebuild of the images.

I also have this problem. I have deployed code - in fact the sense-snake code in the tutorial - but it is not downloading to my raspberry pi.

When I type ‘balena devices’, my device shows up and it shows STATUS: Idle and IS LINE: true but it does not seem to pull and run the pushed code.