Balena and Docker command

Good Day,

I was wondering what command does balena use to run a docker container? For instance, is it just docker run or docker-compose up? Say for instance I want to run the docker with additional parameters such as: docker run -dp 3000:3000 myImage, how can this be done ?, or can you point me to a resource where I can find more information on this please.

I think that I can use balenaEngine to specify the command to execute, however if I have a fleet of devices and want all of devices to run this default command with arguments how can this be done?

Very grateful for any assistance with this matter.

As balena uses the balenaEngine and not Docker, all commands will be balena <options> .
However, balenaOS is not meant that you do this by hand - the idea is that you write a docker-compose.yml and deploy it via balenaCLI to your balena device.
All infos are in the documentation: A balena primer - Balena Documentation

I understand thank you.