How to simply run a docker-compose.yml file

Hello community.

I admit I like to make my life difficult. I’ve a simple docker-compose.yml file
sitting on my laptop. I’d like to simply copy it over ( using scp ) on my
rsp3 running balenaOS and run the two containers in this file. No build,
no balena-cli, no cloud, no repository.

the balena command is basically docker. I can do a balena run busybox sh

How can I do a docker-compose up ? what is the equivalent incantation ?

This seems so easy and basic to me, but I can’t figure it out as everything seems
designed (for good reasons, I’m sure) to use the balena-cli .

help :slight_smile:


@pietro yeah, indeed it seems easy, but its not actually designed to work that way :stuck_out_tongue: . There is no docker-compose in the OS, the composition is actually done on the API or CLI side (if in localMode) and those tell the OS or fleet to run a specific configuration.

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The most simple way to do this is to use the balena cli and just run balena push my-balena-device.local from the same folder your docker-compose.yml is in. That will pull and run the images from your docker compose on the device defined by my-balena-device.local