AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas


We are at AWS re:Invent next week in Las Vegas. Should be a pretty intense and exciting week. :smiley: If you are in town, ping us!

On a connected note, here are our docs for AWS IoT integration with


re:Invent is in full swing, below @mccollam is giving an intro (from our Instagram feed):

Thanks @alison for the photo :camera_with_flash: , any interesting things you have seen there so far? :pencil2:


Since it’s me in the photo I feel like I should reply :slight_smile:

re:Invent was a great event – I had a ton of really interesting conversations with people working on a variety of awesome projects and products. And of course, AWS had some robots and other nifty toys on display. (I will neither confirm nor deny that Simple Beer Service was my favorite.)


:smiley: Oh, that SBS looks good, makes me think ahead for Happy Hour :beer:

I also heard, that a big part of AWS was strongly IoT focused, which is exciting, can’t wait to see what kind of services are built at the intersection of the existing and new tools!