spring hackathon in London - March 11


We are putting together a hackathon event (the first for us in a couple of years) in London for March 11, Saturday. It will be a whole day event, focusing in multi-device IoT.

Check out the sign-up page! :pencil2:

The registrations are now open. We’ll be running a selection process to make sure that we’ll fit in the event space, and that the people who really want to be there have access to it. It will be hosted by Campus London, at the 3rd floor event room (thank you Campus!:).

Feel free to leave any comments for us here, and we’ll be providing updates as the event nears. It’s mostly organized by @alisondavis17, @shaunmulligan, and myself, but will have a big portion of the team there that day, from around the world! :earth_africa:

Also, use the hashtag #resinhack17 on Twitter or Instagram to post for this event!

What are we working on? The Balena Notes
Compute Module CM3 & Resin
Cellular connectivity with SORACOM
Getting a PiTFT working
What are we working on? The Balena Notes

Any chance you’ll have one in San Francisco?


Good point! :bulb: We are normally around Seattle or Boston in the US, but we are sort of thinking going to Maker Faire Bay Area (May 19-21), and it feels like that would be a possible occasion to do a hackathon like this, depending on the circumstances (any thoughts @alisondavis17?)


That’s a nice idea! At the very least we could organize a meetup to coincide with Maker Faire Bay Area, and do a little bit of hacking there :slight_smile:


If anybody is interested in hosting a local “remote” hackathon to coincide with the London hackathon on March 11th, we could also send them some hackathon swag and materials!


Here’s a general list of what sort of hardware are we getting, for the event, if anyone wants to brainstorm projects in advance, or suggest anything else that we might be missing.

Some of each. It’s not 100% guaranteed that will have all, and the number of available pieces will be different, so it will likely be more mix-and-match.

There will be other parts like servos, and relays, speakers, etc, these above here are the the more plug-and-play pieces, so you can concentrate on the overall project that you’d like to create.

So, any inspiration from this?


Hi @imrehg Gergely! We’re a group of Dutch students from Clinic (a law incubator for free judicial advise) doing a trip to London the weekend of March 11. Would it be possible to drop in somewhere in the afternoon, take a look around the campus and see what you are doing? Jelte


Hi Jelte, great to hear from you! How long are you in London for, and how big is your group? For us it would be great, but need to check on the side of the Campus London’s security (since it’s the weekend they are stricter). Will check with them.

If you are in London during the week, you are also more than welcome to drop in our office. :slight_smile: Were are you based in the Netherlands?


We’re Amsterdam based and will be with 9 persons on Saturday. We will be in london untill the 14th but have a full program during the week, so we will might not be able to visit your office (But thanks for the invite!). Would be great if you could check for a meetup :slight_smile:


hey @JelteClinic, I’ve checked with Campus London, and it should work, will just need a bit more info from you, will send a message. :slight_smile:


Hi. It’s not clear from the EventBrite page whether we can enter as a pre-formed team, or whether individuals will be randomly allocated to teams on arrival. Could somebody please confirm?




Hi @craigrouse, yes, you can enter as pre-formed team, in the sign-up form you can fill in your other team mates, and we’ll make sure that you are kept together for the application.

Also, at the event we are not going to randomly allocate teams, people can choose the group they want to work together with as they see fit :slight_smile:


I’ve also added this information to the event FAQ, just in case!


We are close to getting full for the sign-ups, so if you are planning to join this event next week and you haven’t signed up, this would be the time to do that! :postal_horn:


Hello everyone, hello to the organizers,

I’m Nicolas, Belgian, 30. In London until the end of April to discover the startup ecosystem here.
My company is working in IoT (+software/app) and I would like to join the event as an observer, as I do not have valuable skills to share during this hackathon (but ideas, analysis and critical point of view…).

Question to the organisers : do you think I could join?

THank you in advance,
Have a nice day,



Hey @enessbe I bet you have valuable skills, there are always more to people than they think, when they are interested but assume they are not goods enough :wink: Just sign up (there are not too many places left!), and come that day with an open mind! :bulb: It should be fun, and maybe you’ll surprise yourself.


Is the hardware on loan or do we get to keep it ?


Define ‘remote’ hackerthon please ?


Hi, if you finish or ~close to finish a project at the hackathon and you are happy to write blogpost about it, you’ll get to keep the hardware. :pencil2:

The remote hackathon means working on similar “Multi-Device IoT” projects somewhere else on that day instead of coming to the main event (e.g. if you are from out of London or UK in general). Since the time is very near, in this case we’d be happy to send you swag, and would feature whatever projects you make! Let us know if this is something you are interested to take part in!


I would be interested but the hackerthon is too close. When is the next one planned ?