AUX not working on Raspberry Pi 3 on Belena Sound

Belena Sound is working on my Raspberry Pi 3, but no audio comes out of the aux. Out of the HDMI yes.
I did put in the “RPI_HEADPHONES” in the variable command. But it doesn’t work, the error message is, “BCM2835 audio card not found, are you sure you are running on a Raspberry Pi?”
Please someone help!

Hi Adrian,

Can you try adding the configuration variable BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_ignore_edid_audio=1 to your application? This variable should make the Pi ignore your HDMI audio output, and only use the analog audio output.

Hi Jakogut,

Thanks for helping, but I’m not that good with Belena or coding. I think I did it correctly but after a reboot it still didnt go through the AUX. Ill attach a picture, and could you tell me if I put the variable in correctly?

I’ll attach what it says on the audio part on this message, hopefully maybe you could help me from this.


What we are doing is essentially modifying the config.txt through these variables in the cloud dashboard. Can you ssh to your device, and share the output of cat /mnt/boot/config.txt here? This will help us figure if the variable was indeed set

Actually, on second thoughts - can you set the AUDIO_OUTPUT variable in your dashboard as mentioned here -