Automatically generated docker-compose.yml file?

Hi there!
The official documentation of (open)balena says, that there will be a docker-compose file automatically generated:

A docker-compose.yml file will be automatically generated, ensuring your container has host networking, is privileged, and has lib/modules , /lib/firmware , and /run/dbus bind mounted into the container.

However, I don’t see the file getting generated while executing balena push or balena deploy. I find this section a bit unclear because it is actually about single container applications where a docker-compose file isn’t required. I am looking forward to any suggestions on what I’m probably doing wrong… ;))

There is a script for flattening into a docker-compose.yml file.
./scripts/compose config > docker-compose.yml

Which is available in the root of the same open-balena folder you were working in when following the getting started guide.

The documentation linked originally is for balenaCloud, which includes our build servers. This is where the generation of a docker-compose.yml occurs. As stated in the openBalena documentation (openBalena - Home), openBalena Applications are built on your local machine. The generation of docker-compose.yml files is not present. Please let us know if this or the previous comment doesn’t get you up and running!