Automatic connection to uPNP-Server?

I’m using 2 raspis with balenasound since a while for connecting our iphones with both, the music-system at the living room and the kitchen.
Works fine so far!

Now, analog FM broadcast in our TV-/radio-cable will discontinued - and we need to find an easy way to listening to our favourit radio stations.

At my DSL-router, I set up an uPNP server, which delivers 3 of this stations, to which I can connect using an app on my iphone.
But this is not the easy way, my wive wants a “radio” to work: Power it on and listening.
So I am searching for a way, the raspi with balenasound on, connects automaticly to my uPNP server, playing the station, which was played the last time…

Is there any way to do so?



Hello there @diwa, balenaSound ships with an uPNP plugin, specifically a media renderer gmediarender. I’m not too familiar with uPNP but I believe you should be able to connect your uPNP server to balenaSound by using an app on your phone.

I’m on android so I use BubbleUPnP app, in the app I can select the renderer (balenaSound) and the “library” (which in my case are mostly files on my phone but i see options to add remote/cloud servers). Have you tried with an app like this? Is it not listing your balenaSound device?

Yes it works, if I use an app like this on my iPhone - but I’m searching for a solution, which does not need an additional device.
Just set up the connection to a webradio stream once, and it will be connected each time, the raspi starts…

Ah I understand now. I don’t think that’s possible unfortunately with how uPNPN servers and renderers work. uPNP setups usually require all three parts to establish an audio stream, the three parts being the media server (uPNP server), the control point (iPhone) and the renderer (balenaSound). For this to work you’ll need to develop a control point that runs on your balenaSound device and that accepts to be preconfigured to work with your desired stream. A quick google only returned this project (GitHub - Douglas6/pipoint: PiPoint - A simple DLNA controlpoint for the Raspberry Pi) which seems abandoned, so I don’t think it’s possible :confused: