HW accelerated + Electron JS


I have a project using electron with the resin on a raspberry pi 3. So far the project is working properly, however, I’m really sad about the quality of css animations, apparently not having GPU acceleration is making the application much worse than it should be.

I’m looking for ways to get a GPU acceleration and just find old articles that do not work at all.


I’ve tried using resin-wpe, but it just does not work for me.
And it always returns the error “WebProcess crashed: restarting it …”

Anyone have any idea how to get the much-desired GPU acceleration?

Hey @augustopimenta I’d say the easiest way to get some HW acceleration on the pi is WPE, especially for browser-based workloads - perhaps we can help you get that running?

Could you post the surrounding logs of the errors that you’re receiving please, and we might be able to get to the bottom of it :slight_smile: