Are Alpine images coming soon?


I noticed there are alpine images on docker hub, but they appear to have no tags (at least the raspberrypi2 one doesn’t). The armhf one has tags from a few days ago. Is this something that is coming soon? The only third party alpine images for rpi that I can find do not appear to be maintained and I’d love to use it.


Great to know that you’ve noticed our Alpine base images :smiley: .
We’re doing some final testings before releasing them so stay tuned!!!

Actually, we’ve released the minimum Alpine base images for each architectures and you can use them, they are resin/armhf-alpine, resin/i386-alpine and resin/amd64-alpine.

Please notice that they are bare-bone base images and you need to install all dependencies by yourself ( bash preinstalled so you don’t need to install it :smile: )

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Awesome! Looking forward to it. I’ll use the minimal image in the mean time, that’s what I wanted anyway. Now we just need multi-container support and we can make even more awesome things with resin :slight_smile:


My colleague has a multi-container project here: It’s still WIP however could give you the idea how to do it.


Yeah, I had a play around with it but it’s still pretty early on. The last commit 5 months ago broke the build :wink:


@justin8 FYI, all Alpine images are ready on our dockerhub, it would be great if you can give them a try. :wink: