Application not updating to latest release

I have an rpi3 application that is not downloading the latest release of my code. The build and deploy logs shows no errors, and I can’t find anything of interest on from the diagnostics. Is there something I can do to debug why a release is not getting downloaded by a device?

Let me know if there’s additional information I can provide.



Can you please check if your device/application pinned to a specific release, if so then it won’t download the latest release?
Please check our docs here for more details,

It is not pinned to a specific release. I tried pinning it and unpinning it to see if that would trigger anything, with no luck.


Hi @cfhull

Another reason why an application might not update to the latest release is an application lock - see our documentation. Can you confirm that there is no application lock present?

Also, it might be worth checking whether a hyphen in an environment variable could be the culprit, as in this forums discussion. Which versions of balenaOS and supervisor are you running?

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I don’t see an application lock at /tmp/balena/updates.lock. I’ve never made an attempt create one either, so I don’t think that’s the issue unfortunately.

I verified I am not using hyphens in any environment variables. The only place I am using hyphens are in service names.

I’m running Host OS balenaOS 2.67.3+rev4 and supervisor 12.3.5

I’m not sure this helps, but additionally, I have another application with 4 devices. One of the 4 devices is not getting updates either, and all of these devices are on same hardware running the same OS/supervisor versions, same env variables, etc. I would expect all 4 to be failing if there was a configuration issue, since I don’t have any device specific configuration.

I’ve tried rebooting a number of times, pushing new commits. Everything is building correctly and I see the release on the releases page for the application, but these specific devices aren’t updating. I can give access to the applications if that helps.

I don’t know what changed but after restarting the services individually, a download finally started of the latest release. It would be nice to know what the issue was, but I’m at least no longer having the issue.


Good to know that it works after restarting each service. If you see this issue again, please capture the logs from balena/supervisor service from the balenaOS and send us so we can dig deeper into this.