An error occurred: value x is out of range for type integer received an update, and ever since, I’ve had two issues

  1. When I push to resin, it fails at the very last step of uploading the image

[main] Removing intermediate container d210afae843b
[main] Successfully built e3b5fff87731
[Info] Uploading images
[================> ] 33%[Info] Still working…
[Info] Still working…
[Info] Still working…
[Info] Still working…
[Info] Still working…
[Info] Still working…
[Info] Still working…
[Info] Still working…
[Error] An error occurred: value “2966421113” is out of range for type integer
[Error] Not deploying release.

I have changed nothing, so I don’t know what’s changed?

  1. One of my devices is showing logs, but shows as “Offline.” I therefore can’t use resin sync.

“You don’t have any devices online”

Hey @siliconapp thanks for the report. Did this happen multiple times or just the once. We are looking into the problem, so any additional info will be helpful.

It is happening on every deploy. I haven’t pushed any code in a few weeks. I’m using a Dockerfile.template with OpenCV, dlib, numpy, and a bunch of other libraries, so the build process is fairly long. I’m guessing the final image is 2.0+ gb in size. Could that be it?

It also always get stuck at 33%, so something is happening around then.

I can inbox you my device id if that helps.

It could definitely be the size, we have had issues where very large individual layers in a docker build have basically been killed by the AWS Elastic Load Balancers, but I was sure had fixed that particular issue. I have pinged some of the guys that work on the builder infrastructure to have a look.

Thanks, please post an update here when you’ve figured it out.

I tried to cut down the number of libraries. The entire build process goes through same as before. It spends 5% minutes at 33% before stopping.

Also, in the error message, value x is out of range for type integer x is always different, two examples, 2966417932, 2966421113, etc.