Error: grpc: the connection is unavailable


Hello, today I got builder error during resin push.

[Error] Some services failed to build:
[Error] Service: main
[Error] Error: grpc: the connection is unavailable
[Error] Not deploying release.

But after a few tries it was successfully built and uploaded.
Again as mentioned in my last post (Full app downoad after "Error: Builder disconnected" message) the app was downloaded by device fully, not only upgrded part


I am getting this also with my own projects and sample project

Seems like there are some issues although nothing showing on


Thanks for the reports, we’re looking into it


Thanks again for the reports.

Our team has been able to locate and look into the transient GRPC communication issue which occurred on one of our builder instances from 22:00 to 13:00 BST. As it only occurred on one of our build instances it only affected a % of all builds, and fortunately repeat builds seem to have gone through during that timeframe.

We have resolved the issue, and will continue to work to prevent repetition.


Hey chrischabot, the same issue is happening to me today

[main] grpc: the connection is unavailable


Broken for me too on arm01.
Works ok when arm02 builds it.


I am encountering this error when trying to connect to a container via SSH on one of our devices currently. Can’t say for sure if it is device specific or not yet. But I suspect its a different issue, since the device is generally doing weird stuff, like randomly restarting all containers, currently.