Allo Digione - untested audio interface not working

I wanted to use balenaSound for my RPB3+ and my Allo DigiOne audio transport. I inserted a custom configuration variable named “BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay” with the variable “allo-piano-dac-plus-pcm512x-audio” as per the instructions for the untested audio interface GitHub list but audio doesn’t play.
Even when changing volume both in Spotify, airplay and the master volume nothing changes and the receiver tells me that no signal is traveling into that input.

Hi Eric, two quick questions on this. First, what version of balenaOS are you using? You can find out in the balenaCloud dashboard, or, simply check the filename of the SD Card image that you downloaded.

Second, can you browse to https://<DEVICE_IP>:3000/support and provide the logs to us, so we can have a look?


Hi, I am running the production version of BalenaOS 2.80.1 + rev1. I hope these are the right logs. It is important to note that “joining the fleet” can take up to an hour or doesn’t happen at all. But the scenario I described above refers to one where it eventually does connect to the fleet and shows up in Spotify connect and airplay.

balena-sound_allo digione-28.08.21_11_22_55_(+0200).txt (111.0 KB)