All drives flashed by Balena are read-only

I’m trying to flash HiveOS with etcher, which requires editing one of its files after it has been flashed, at least according to this tutorial.

I can’t find an option in the Etcher app which would allow a read/write flash. Is this possible? If not, how did this same tutorial get it to work?

Use ctrl + f Optional Step — Farm Hash
to see where I’m confused. The article makes it seem as if the read only issue doesn’t exist at all.


Etcher isn’t producing a read-only flash; this isn’t a thing that can be done. All Etcher will do is write the contents of the image to the disk. You may need to unplug the drive and replug it for your OS to recognise the partition layout from the image after flashing.

It seems to have made the flashed partition read only, even after doing what you said. I have flashed two separate USBs, both have the same issue

Will some kind of image help?

Hi, I have a few questions that will help get to the bottom of this:

  • What OS are you using?
  • Which USB sticks have you flashed?
  • Do you see the same behaviour flashing other images?
  • How have you determined that the drive is read-only?
  • What version of Etcher did you use?
  • Do you see the same behaviour flashing a different storage media, for example an SD card?