algif_skcipher kernel module not available on Intel NUC image but available on RaspberryPi4 image


We are in the need of encrypting external drives for our devices. Right now we are using cryptsetup tool and it works, but a lot of cryptographic algorithms are not available for benchmarking and usage due to the module algif_skcipher missing on Intel NUC, even on the latest OS… We verified that it’s available on Raspberry Pi 4 image and we are wondering why is there an inconsistency on this module not being present on Intel NUC, and how can it be added or if it can be added on short release of Intel NUC…

We verified the module is missing by doing lsmod | grep algif_skcipher on IntelNUC and RaspberryPi4 OS images.


Hi. could you please try images for the Generic x86_64 device type? The algif-skcipherkernel module should be included in that image.

@alexgg thanks! Quick question, the x86 image is pretty outdated compared to IntelNUC, when can we have a release on it?


Hi, we have had several requests for this and we have an open ticket which we use to signal priority for our devices team at Pick up meta-balena v2.67.5 or newer for genericx86-64-ext · Issue #347 · balena-os/balena-intel · GitHub. I have linked this request there and we will notify you here once the update is available.

Okie, thanks!