Raspberry Pi CM - eMMC Disk Encryption / code protection

Hey new to Balena here and still researching if i should go with it for commercial use.

As far as i can read it is not possible to encrypt the disk ?
So all can easily hack it and read the code on the unit ?
Developing in NodeJs so code is not compiled with means its easy for end user to read the code if they hae access.

Is it possible to encrypt the device some how ? etc. adding some hardware.
(maby something like this http://lockey.eu/index.html)

Hello there, we are currently working on secure boot and disk encryption for Intel NUC, and may consider doing the same for the Raspberry Pi in the future - our customer success team would be happy to reach out via email to discuss your requirements, thanks.


how do i get in touch with your “customer success team” ?