Alexa, ask Raspberry Pi about the temperature!


Hi here’s the second Alexa + related hack of the day (the first one was voice search for pictures to display on the Beast). This time I’ve added Raspberry Pi 3 with a SenseHAT, which acts as a temperature/humidity/pressure sensor plus LED display.

Alexa Skills are pretty easy to make (or maybe this first tutorial I’ve seen was too good:), all it really needs is a webserver which answers in an Alexa-specific way.

Here’s the demo of it:

Here the trick I’ve used is running the webserver on the Raspberry Pi/ device itself, and expose that endpoint through the Public Device URL. Thus the skill can be really self-contained, being able to talk to hardware, and managed remotely, all in the same time.

The source code is on GitHub: will need to add more details and readme.

I don’t know, my home already feels a little bit smarter :european_castle:

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