Airplay does not work unless I refresh Airplay service from the cloud app

Trying to get BalenaSound working with Raspberry Pi 3B. I have found that after a reboot, I have to refresh Airplay service in the cloud app before the device shows up as an option for Airplay. Otherwise it does not show up at all or shows up intermittently and cuts out after a few seconds just like the bluetooth does on the 3B. After refreshing, Airplay functions properly, but this has to be done every time the Pi reboots or when a variable is altered.

As an aside, I noticed that the official guide lists the Raspberry Pi 3B as recommended alongside the 4B in the “Hardware Required” section. However, the troubleshooting guide shows that the 3B has issues with bluetooth connectivity such that the recommended workaround is to use a USB dongle. I would suggest this Pi model not be recommended alongside the Pi 4 in the getting started guide given this issue. :slight_smile:

Hello @mkp132

To try to reproduce could you please confirm the OS version that you are using? (32bits or 64 bits)


@mpous thanks for your help. I used the Raspberry Pi 3 option to flash the SD card, and the architecture is listed as armv7hf, which means 32-bit OS, correct?

Hey @mkp132 can you share your device logs? Try to capture them from reboot onwards. If you have the balenaCloud web dashboard open and reboot from there it should be fine. Then there is a download button to grab them.

balena-sound_divine-fog-01.06.21_20_08_32_(-0500).txt (107.5 KB)

This is the log without refreshing Airplay to git working. Let me know if you want one after refreshing airplay.

I notice the device shows up in Airplay options very briefly on startup, then goes away.

After refreshing Airplay and starting some tunes:

balena-sound_divine-fog-01.06.21_20_13_37_(-0500).txt (107.4 KB)

Hey, sorry for the delayed response, i’ve been a bit busy lately. This is a shairport-sync bug that I’ve reported upstream here: Retry or exit when failing to start with pulseaudio backend · Issue #1054 · mikebrady/shairport-sync · GitHub. It seems to be fixed on newer versions of the program, we have to update balenaSound to use it but haven’t had the time to look into it just yet. We’ll let you know once it’s solved.