Air quality monitor sensor issue(Pi 0 W, BME680)

I am having an issue all of a sudden when my sensor boots up on one of my air quality monitors with the following error. I have tried rebooting the device, and with the device booted dis and reconnecting the sensor.

sensor ================ Starting Balena Sense ================
sensor Traceback (most recent call last):
sensor File “/usr/src/app/scripts/”, line 131, in
sensor balenasense = balenaSense()
sensor File “/usr/src/app/scripts/”, line 28, in init
sensor self.sensor = ENVIROPLUS()
sensor File “/usr/src/app/scripts/”, line 24, in init
sensor self.ltr559 = LTR559()
sensor File “/usr/local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/ltr559/”, line 220, in init
sensor raise RuntimeError(“LTR559 not found”)
sensor RuntimeError: LTR559 not found

Hey there,

Welcome to the forums!

Are you able to answer a couple of questions for me?

  • Has this been working for you previously or is this the first time you’ve used this sensor?
  • Are you on the latest version of master for the Balena sense project? Currently version v1.9.3



Hi Lucy-Jane,

Thank you for the quick reply. I have had the sensor running once before.

I have had it running once at my desk and then once I moved it to the location in the house I wanted the sensor has been giving that error.

Sorry this is the first I have done any Balena projects. Where can I find the project version?

Hi @AdamE416

Is there anything else that changed apart from the physical location, for example connection type or power supply?

Within the folder you cloned from our Github repository (most likely it’s called balena-sense), there should be a VERSION file that will contain the version you’re running.

Thank you, and kind regards

Thank you! I have v1.9.3 currently.

Location did change I moved it from my desk in the basement of the house to the kitchen area upstairs. Still connected to the same wifi and everything. Power supply is the same as well.

Interestingly, it says that it can’t find the Sensor – “LTR559 not found”

Can you detach and then re-attach the HAT and Sensor, and try again? I wonder if it’s just not connected well.