[Advice needed] Flashing a physical copy

Hey folks, I need some help here:

For a paper I am comparing the quality of data erasing apps on an Odroid N2+. Therefore I have created a data set of various forensic artifacts on a simulated Android device (Android 9.0.0). The set currently resides on a eMMC-Module.

It is important, that I start each each wiping process with exactly the same data set. After pulling a physical copy via FTK Imager I need to put the eMMC-Module into its prior state.


  • Does “Clone drive” create an exact physical copy of the eMMC-module? If yes, I could just use it to save the starting point and re-flash it after each wipe
  • Alternatively, does anybody know how to create a flashable image from a physical extraction via FTK Imager?

Thanks a lot and sorry for bad english or potentially stupid questions. I am new to this.


@tessa Hello there! Much like what happens with files flashed by Etcher, the flashing function creates an exact copy of whatever is the content read from the source.
So if the source is the drive with the “Clone drive” option, then the target data will be overwritten with whatever the source is! Byte-to-byte.