Flashed disc is blank

I used Etcher to flash a drive, it said it completed and verified. However the drive is blank, Echer seems to have stopped after diskpart/clean and did nothing else although it said it did. There is no error message because Etcher said it worked but it did not.

@mtd can you give us more details on the image you used to flash?

Hi there, can you please clarify a few things:

  • which version of Etcher you used
  • what is the operating system you are running this on
  • what type of media you are flashing (SD card, USB, etc.)
  • what image you are flashing

Also, when you say the drive is blank, what specific method are you using to check this?

Hello @mtd! We’re here to help. Could you please give us a bit more information about what’s going on?

Once we get some more context, we can help you out :slight_smile: