Adding a group or organization as collaborators



One problem we constantly have is, someone in our organization creates an application and forgets to give the rest of us access (or gives it only to one or two people). This means that when the person goes on vacation (or leaves the company) no one else is able to access (we have had problems with the 2 people who have access being on vacation simultaneously).

Is there a way to grant access to a whole organization or a group of people? Even better would be not to have “collaborator” access, but for all of them to be owners.



Hi Mario,

We are working on more powerful tools for organization management as we speak, which should help a lot with this. We don’t have a specific release date for that yet, but I’d expect it to be available within the next few months. That should solve your problem in general by allowing you to all create applications within the organization itself, and providing access to the entire team in a more structured manner.

In the meantime, we typically see customers manage their accounts using a primary billing user, who owns every application (either creating them there, or having other developers move their applications to that user) and who is associated with your billing plan, and then having everybody else added as members to those applications. The billing user’s account can then be managed independently of the developers themselves, and the credentials for that can be managed centrally somewhere to avoid issues where a specific team member is on holiday. Does that work for you in the short term?